Faraday is an pure play renewable energy independent power producer (IPP) owning and operating small hydro plants and focused on growing by acquisition and optimization of small hydro in the American Northeast. 

By means of lean and efficient operations, strong transactional expertise, and tech enabled operational synergies, Faraday targets to become a major player in the Small Hydro sector.

Faraday aims to disrupt the century old sector to satisfy the needs of the grid of the future.

Faraday is a company dedicated to tackle the climate challenge and increase renewable energy production with a strategy based on 3 pillars.


Pillar I

Efficient and safe operations of power facilities


Pillar II

Acquisitions of small hydro facilities in a  fragmented market


Pillar III

Optimization oriented investments in latest technology

Strength from existing cash flow assets with a solid foundation to increase portfolio size.

Seasoned operator of renewable assets

Dependable earnings

  • Long term PPA IPC indexed with AA1 offtaker
  • Reliable operations
  • Willingness from offtaker to increase purchase

Low risk operations

  • 6 years of operations without any incident/accidents
  • Remote Operations and monitoring
  • Low head river with automatic controls ***

Lean structure

  • High operating margins (>35%)***
  • Local network of on-demand operators
  • Highly qualified consultant team & suppliers


Market Ready for Consolidation

Market of 4069 MW / 19,6 TWh – 1,16 Billion $CAD yearly revenue

  • Rio Tinto represent 2919 MW of the Independent Power Producers (IPP)

Addressable Market 1150 MW 
3.45G $CAD in potential acquisition & 327M $CAD yearly rev.

  • Average size of  12 MW
  • 28 plants from dedicated owners 
  • 7 owners own 60% in number of plants 
  • Most small facilities are not strategic to owners anymore (Innergex, Algonquin, Boralex, etc. ) yet all started with small plants

  • 70% of the growth is delivered by acquisition
  • 30% of the growth is delivered by optimisation
  • Growth is delivered while keeping healthy gross margin of 35%

Faraday is at the center of a Technological cluster – The needs of the grid of 21st century are changing and the industry is ready for disruption

  • Founder-CEO also investor in technology companies providing synergy with Faraday operations
  • Member of AQPER since 2016 (Private Renewable Energy Producer association)
  • New technologies to be developed in house enabling remote operations
  • Power and energy can be increased by 50% with new technologies to repower or power the plant
  • Potential to increase revenue generation by diversifying green energy products
    New business model, smarter way to sell energy and power when most valuable for client

Faraday’s technology will unleash the full potential of small hydro


  • Remote operation and monitoring
  • AI enabled predictive maintenance with IoT
  • Repowering to maximize existing infrastructures


  • Creation of new power and energy products 
  • Spot market trading to capture full value
  • Smart production to minimize congestion

New Distribution need

  • Energy Storage + Solar Energy
  • Reactive power
  • Grid Optimisation

Traditionally operated, ready to be disrupted with new technology at a fraction of the cost